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Total Security operates a local Monitoring Station from our Baxter Street offices for our Client alarms. We effectively become the eyes and ears for your property when you are not there. This means you can rest easy knowing your premises are in the best hands possible.
Total Security operates Patriot Software 6 in conjunction with a Fratech FE900 Receiver, a Permaconn GPRS Receiver and a Paradox IP Receiver providing our Clients with the most advanced multi-path monitoring platform available.
Total Security receives all data from the Client Alarm System. These signals include sets and unsets, periodic tests, mains fail, low battery as well as panic, potential intruder, or fire activations.
If a panic, intruder or fire activation occurs, Total Security will immediately phone the Client premises. If there is no reply, Total Security will notify emergency contacts.
If there is no reply, or if directed by an Emergency Contact to attend, Total Security will dispatch a guard to the premises to ascertain the cause of the activation.
If the guard confirms either an intrusion or fire, Total Security will firstly notify Emergency Services – 111 and then notify a Keyholder.
Total Security provides this service 24 hours per day / seven days per week.

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